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Attract customers who are ready to buy

Studies have consistently found that customers who come to your website via search engines have a high tendency to buy. They are searching for a product or service and by targeting them you are putting yourself in a good position to convert their visit into a sale.

We only use Google compliant SEO techniques

All of our SEO strategies and techniques comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Many SEO businesses employ ‘Black Hat’ strategies which violate these guidelines and whilst they might give ‘quick wins’ Google will eventually catch on and penalise the site. Don’t risk it!

Don’t ignore the facts about SEO, they speak for themselves.

Within Australia, 94% of all internet searches are performed using Google.
42% of Australian smart phone users used their phone to look up a business on a map or get directions to a business or service.
59% of Australians who use their smart phone to search only look at the front page of results

During the 2012 Christmas period

The Commonwealth bank predicted that

online sales would reach $2.3 billion!

Would you like your

piece of the pie?

The Loud Wolf approach to SEO

SEO Frequently asked Questions

Onpage optimisation

We utilise a comprehensive and unique 35 point audit and onpage optimisation process to ensure your site is loved by Google. Before we begin we undertake extensive keywords analysis to ensure you are targeting words that are most searched by your customers.

Offpage optimisation

We will work through a long list of offpage optimisation strategies including but not limited to link building, industry specific directory listings, competitor link analysis, analytics tracking, blogging, video submissions, photo sharing and forum participation.

Social Media Optimisation

Social media is a great medium for helping to build your brand. We can integrate your social media identities into your website and attract traffic via numerous social media optimisation strategies.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you need fast results, PPC can be one of the best methods to employ to get your business up on Google. We can create advertisements which grab the attention of your customers and comply with your set budget. We can research and advise you on the best keywords to target to attract customers who are ready to buy.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website as easy to use as possible for both your users and search engine robots. Search engine robots are massive computers which spend their days automatically searching the web for content. They find websites, interpret the data on them, than assign them a rank which dictates in which order they will appear when someone searches for particular words in a search engine e.g. Google. Because they are computer robots, they cannot see and understand websites in the same way as humans. By optimising your website for these robots you are increasing your chances of receiving a high rank when someone searches for words which relate to your business.
I’ve received an unnatural link warning from Google, what do I do?
Google Unnatural Link warning is basically a formal warning from Google, provided through Google's Webmaster Tools. Its purpose is to alert webmaster that their website has unnatural incoming links. If these links are not removed, the website might be penalised by Google and as a result the website ranking can be severely affected. As a webmaster you can submit a reconsideration request to Google upon fixing the unnatural links. We here at Loud Wolf utilise 'White Hat' SEO techniques which avoid the use of unnatural incoming links.
What is WordPress?
Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) used for creating websites and blogs. WordPress is very SEO-friendly and is arguably the world's most popular blogging platform.
How do I submit my website to Google/Yahoo/Bing?
You no longer need to manually submit your site to search engines. This is an old practice which is now redundant. Beware of any companies wanting to charge you for this! By creating links to your site from already indexed sites, or by adding sitemaps to tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, your website will be found by search engines.
How long will it take for me to get to the top of Google?
This can depend on a number of factors. We would need to do a review of your current website and ascertain what your target market was before being able to advise. Be wary of any companies promising 'page one rankings in 30 days or your money back', chances are they will be using black-hat techniques and your website risks being penalised in the long run.
If I use Loud Wolf for my SEO needs, who will be running the campaign?
We are a small web design, SEO and web hosting company that offers personal service. You will deal with one person throughout your entire SEO campaign, unlike some SEO firms we won't pass you off onto a junior.
You mention Google alot, do you also optimise for Bing and Yahoo?
Yes, whilst we target getting your website to the top of Google, we also cover Bing and Yahoo in our strategies. Google currently accounts for 94% of Australian internet searches with Bing accounting for 3% of searches and Yahoo accounting for another 2% of searches.
How do I know you can serve the needs of my business?
We are SEO specialists who spend considerable time researching statistics, studies and trends in order to understand how to target your customers in the best way. Work in Real Estate? Did you know that 23% of Australians aged 18 to 29 are more likely to look for a house or apartment using their smart phone? We have access to studies and statistics for various industries.
What sort of reporting do you provide with your SEO services?
We will keep you up to date on what we are doing at all times. Everything we do is documented so you know exactly what you are getting for your heard earned dollar.
If I use Loud Wolf for my SEO needs, will I be locked into a contract?
No, we don't believe in lock-in contracts. When discussing your SEO needs we will recommend an amount of time that will be needed before best results will be seen. These timeframes will be discussed before any payments are required so you have nothing to lose.
Do you offer set price SEO packages?
We don't believe in set price SEO packages. We believe it is important to audit a site in order to ascertain which areas need to be addressed before proposing an appropriate strategy and price. For companies that are prepared to offer a set price SEO service there is a strong possibility they have priced themselves high enough to cover any contingencies or they really don't understand what they are doing. We understand that every business has different services, products, local marketing needs, and demographics. They come in all different shapes and sizes and as a result the website can be 4 pages or 40 pages. We wouldn't dare offer a fixed price amount which covers all of those variables. We provide a custom price, specific for your business to ensure you aren't paying too much.
I’ve heard that websites can be penalised by Google for SEO, is this correct?
The short answer is 'Yes', if done incorrectly, websites can be penalised by Google for over optimising for selected keywords. Google may drop the website's ranking, or worst case, remove it completely from search engine results! The good news is Loud Wolf only utilise 'white hat' SEO techniques which comply with Google's Webmaster Design Guidelines meaning there is no risk of your website being penalised. Don't risk your website to any company offering quick results, or guaranteed first page rankings (this is against Google's Guidelines): http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35291  
How can I tell if our website would benefit from SEO?
In order to answer that question, many different areas of your website need to be assessed to see if they can be optimised for better results on Google. The good news is, we have put together a handy checklist which assesses some of these areas to see if you can benefit from SEO. Sign up and download our free 'Do I need SEO?' checklist now.
Which is better, organic SEO results or pay per click advertising?
Both Pay Per Click (PPC) and organic SEO can co-exist in a combined SEO strategy, in fact it can be very beneficial to target both in specific ways. Interestingly though a User Centric eye tracking study in 2009 found that 75% of customers who look at Google search engine results don’t even browse the right hand side of the page where most advertisements appear. The study found that users were drawn to the organic search results higher up the page due to the bolded keywords and titles.
I already advertise extensively. Do I need SEO?
One mistake some businesses make is thinking “We already have a website and the address is placed on all of our advertising material so people already know about our website.” Yes, that is true, for those people who have seen your advertising material. But what about everyone else that hasn’t? Can you be sure that every potential customer for your business has been reached through your advertisements? This is where SEO can help.
What is a sitemap?
A sitemap is a page which lists all of the different webpages which make up your website. By submitting a sitemap to Google, you are effectively telling them about every page of your site. Sitemaps are sometimes also called site indexes.

There is no point having quality SEO if your website doesn’t engage customers.

We offer professional, modern, clean, responsive and easy to use website designs to make your business stand out from the competition. Check out our portfolio for some examples of our work and contact us today to discuss how we can design you a website that your customers will be proud to tell others about.

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